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Eiko Liefold is a interdisciplinary Product Designer & Creative Consultant for digital products, working at the intersection of digital products, human centered research, culture, user centered design, advertising and brand identity. He's crafting award winning ideas and concepts for all screens and surfaces for startups, agencies, small & bold brands and Fortune 500 companies.
In 2018 he founded EYKLD.


He lives in Berlin, Germany and works as a freelance Product Designer and Creative Consultant – humanizing technology
(mostly bridging the gaps between the needs of the users, the technical conditions and achieving the goals of the management).

His parents still dont get it.


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Clients & brand

Bentley Motors, Škoda, Porsche, BMW, BMW Motorrad, Volkswagen, Renault, Schaeffler Group 

Technology, Research & Science. 
Vaillant GmbH, Canon, Zeiss Medical, Zeppelin University, Liebherr, Thyssen, Evonik Industries, Innogy, Sanofi, Siemens B/S/H, Telekom, Telefonica

Travel & Aviation  
TUI, Lufthansa, Travellersbook 

Insurances & Fintech
Dekra, Allianz AG, Allianz 1890, Munich Re, Generali, Frankfurt School of Finance.

Lifestyle, Fashion, Luxury Goods   
WMF, Canon, ebay, Bentley Motors, Montblanc, Vacheron Constantin, Quartier 206 Department Store, Hotel Castel, Juwelier Heiden Königlich bayerischer Hofgoldschmied, Marie Claire, Elle, Cosmopolitan, vanidad

Food & Beverages. 
UFS, P&G, San Miguel, J&B, Dewars (Bacardi), San Miguel 

Real Estate 
Knight Frank, CBRichard Ellis, Ziegert Immobilien

Publisher's & Press
Cornelsen, World Business Report, N.O.A., Reporters, CNN, New York Times, Paris Match, Handelsblatt

Virtue, Ryze, rethink, VCCP, Scholz&Friends, C3 & IIBK, interactiveTools, wirDesign, Aperto IBM iX, WBR, CNN, BBDO, Vanidad, Oglivy, Y&R 


x HMI, UX&I Design 
x Ideation
x low & high fidelity prototyping

x Design methods
x Creative & art direction
x Aesthetics & style consultancy
x Branding
x Corporate Design

x Mographs & title design, animation
x Photo & short film direction 
x Visual ideation
x Print & pre-press

Tools & soft skills

x Adobe CC
   imagery, video, post & sound
x Figma & Fig.Jam
x InVision

x Problem solving direct communicator
x Holistic view, hands on mentality,
x Native cognitive empathy skills
x Passion & always a laugh
x Quadrilingual: German, English, Spanish & some Tech


Awards &

80+ national & international awards from ADC Germany, Automotive Brand Contest, BCP Award, IF Design,
Red Dot to, BCP Award, Content Marketing awards, Publisher Awards, Laus Spain and 1x Cannes Silver Lion, 1x Cyberlion, 1x Hire a Gun, MBC, Fox and Mercury, ...

Special honours

Two special design honours hold in the Red Dot Design
Museum Essen, Germany and the Museo de bellas Artes Madrid, Spain.


Always having an insatiable interest in a wide variety of things. Over the years basic and specialized knowledge on the following topics: Oceans and marine life, nautic, diving, astronomy, philosophy, psychology, anthropology and the anthropocene and the psychology of design, typography, #BionicReading#YourBrainReadsFasterThanYourEyes
#Neurodiversity #Neurodivergent  #AccessibleDesign #
Strategic design, Experience design, HCI interaction & interfaces (UI, HUD, FUI) Film CGI and animated interfaces, photography, sound composing, ai, immersive reality, futuristics, sci-fi in any form.

Work and creativity processes, in the so called "new work", by HR pro-dream-team-assessment, leadership, strategic design, organizational management, efficiency and effectiveness.

Above all enjoying being Papo, inhaling the great outdoors while on or in the water, bike touring, and trying all kinds of fire and shelter building techniques.