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HUD, UI Design

Figma & Unreal 5

↓ CASE 03 - 2022

Deka  Pitching the new app for germanies fintech & reale state leader

DATE. 2022

Creating the inital pitch mobile design concept for Germany's leading real estate investments and fintech company. (won)

↓ CASE 20 - 2021

enviroM – Creating a tech brand identity for new environmental monitoring technologies.

CLIENT. zeppelin universtität GmbH
DATE. 2021

Creating an identity for the environmental research & monitoring unit at the Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen. I was asked to develop a new identity, capturing new technologies and the latest environmental benchmarks on the next level. Additional I asked to design a interface for a envirom app prototype and a HUD (Head-Up Display) for RC aviation research devices.

Resulting an abstract representation of the brandmark with a clear common message reaching down from the sky. The brandmark works as simple on the smallest device as it does on the 114- foot tall Zeppelin aircraft.

↓ CASE 18 - 2020

Roland Gumpert 
Branding for the first super sports car with hydrogen fuel cell technology.

AGENCY. Torpedo Motor GmbH
CLIENT. Roland Gumpert Aiways Automobile GmbH
DATE. 2016 - 2020
RECOGNITION. 3x German Automotive & 1x German Brand Awards

For the launch of the Nathalie 1st edition in 2020, Roland Gumpert asked us to design an iconic symbol, capturing his vision and legacy of the first hydrogen powered super sports car, while now celebrating the engineers and designers who worked tirelessly for over 5 years to accomplish this vision.

Besides creating an organic brand identity I had the special honor to create the naming and the car's lettering named after Roland Gumpert's oldest daughter.

↓ CASE 06 – 2018

SKODA – Running for
global one-stop shop agency.

↓ CASE 03 - 2018

Canon Launch of a brand new era #Live for the story_

Asked to developed a campaign we came up with a new attitude. An attittude that says: "Fuck it, do it for the story, live for the story." Instead of fighting the smartphone in our pockets, we took them all and all forms of photography and videography to encourage people to explore their world, with each new experience, expanding your own boundaries. ⟶ Live for The Story_ a bold metamorphosis from a classic camera brand to a lifestyle brand.
Executed in all conceivable channels that kicks off with the visually stunning commercial "Boundaries" not focused on photographing occasions like birthdays, weddings etc. but on wild and unusual lifetime experiences. Flanking the lunch with mutli talented lifestyle Icon Zoë Kravitz in the social '365 days of Summer' campaign. 
With the campaign, we achieved 15.4% engage-ment on Facebook and 17.2% engagement on Instagram. Growth across all channels 15%.

↓ CASE 01 - 2018

MONTBLANC – Timewalker
'Inspired by performance'

Creating a claim and a straightforward visual language that combines both the precision and tradition of the Montblanc Minerva watch movement.⟶ 'Inspired by performance' with the precision and perfection of the chronograph for racing drivers, Montblanc brand ambassador Hugh Jackman embodied and inspired this spirit and spread it out to the global target audience.

Since the product campaign launch, Montblanc and its Timewalker watch series participate for the very first time in it's brand history as an official timekeeper at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

↓ CASE 2015

ZDF mediathek 
Creating a unique tv experience
for germany´s public national television.

CLIENT. Exozet GmbH
ROLE. Freelance UI & UX lead
DATE. 2015
RECOGNITION. UX, German Brand & Design 18, IF Design Awards


The goal of the relaunch was no less than to shape the television of the future - and to create an offer that declares a clash to modern streaming and on-demand platforms. To anticipate: It succeeded.

Creating an initial experience design and UI system that combines the traditional television experience with a comprehensive on-demand offering lots of interactive media functions and a brand new functionality – the 'Fan Shot Button'. All in one a big step for the exozet team and the digital transformation process of the Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen.

↓ CASE 2013 - 14

Bentley Motors – Transforming the british car brand icon into a global luxury & extraordinary lifestyle experience. 

AGENCY. IIBK London & C3 (KircherBurkhardt)
ROLE. Creative Director
DATE. 2012 - 2014
RECOGNITION. 20 european & international awards

As Bentleys Demand & Lead Creation Agency, we went on a further journey with the british brand and its heritage. Life is a grand tour, so let the journey begin... by creating extraodinary experiences, starting with the "The Book“, "The Luxury of Spontaneity" live campaign, the launch of the Flying Spur, the new corporate website & dealer platform, the Fan Wall, Bentleys Car Configurator and in 2014 with "B“ The Bentley Magazine. We also established the solid fundation for the whole new branding experience special along all relevant touch-points. 

As the Creative lead at IIBK & KircherBurkhardt, I worked for more then 2 years on the brand, settling Bentley up through their major rebrand process. I also worked on the IIBK's Innovation Team designing future products, helping establish Bentleys new identity across all platforms, global partners and every conceivably crumb in between.

Resulting that all activities subsidiary helped Bentley to achieve a +13% annual turnover in the 1st year 2013 on the Continental range, than at any other point in its 95-years history. So fitted with this bold brand circuit 'The Journey' continues.

↓ CASE 02 | 2012 - 15

Volkswagen – Das AutoMagazine. The first content platform for the worlds leading auto company.

AGENCY. C3 (KircherBurkhardt)
ROLE. Co Creation & Creative Director
DATE. 2012 - 2015
RECOGNITION. 26+ international Awards


B2C crossmedia content platform & client magazin with multilingual articles, intriguing photographs film as well as interactive infographics – full service for all formats and markets. Appeared originally in four markets in six language editions and the US is followined in 2013. We’ve taken content marketing to a new level with Das Auto.Magazine for Volkswagen. Great stories, well told and enhanced by all digital formats made it Project of the Year 2013 & 2014 at the International Content Marketing Awards the BCP the ADC NY just to name a few.

↓ CASE 01 | 2012 - 2014

1890 – Sharing knowledge. The first insurance content platform from the global insurer Allianz AG.

AGENCY. C3 (KircherBurkhardt)
ROLE. Creative Director, Creative lead UI/UX 
CLIENT. Allianz AG
DATE. 2012-2014
RECOGNITION. 50+ european & international awards


Allianz is one of the world’s top financial services companies. We transform its profound knowledge into an entertaining knowledgement base content platform that promotes the company values far more sustainably than any ad campaign – through engaging content that people love to share. We set a innovation pace in interactive platform standards. Tons of international PR recognition, awards from 'new ways of marketing' over best corporate content to best website of the year 2012 - 2014, has evidently shown everything is possible with the right visionary team. Thanks to all of them.
Extending the 1890 print magazine to a fully responsive Allianz 1890 content platform and app enriched with content, such as videos, interviews, interactive infographics and all kind of micro content, each issue comes with a special motion cover exposed at the Allianz headquarter in Munich.

Achieving high market penetration today means using every available channel of distribution. Its highly entertaining stories like „Die Schadensakte“ an Idea that went straight through the roof on all channels without big media investment, later adopted by some of the most influential not only german, publishers.

↓ CASE 2013

Bentley 'The Book' 
A unconventional perspective under the bonnet of the british car manufacture.

AGENCY. C3 (KircherBurkhardt) IIBK London
ROLE. Creative Director
DATE. 2013
RECOGNITION. 20+ European & International Awards


Part of the new brand experience in an extraordinary coffee table format which communicates the core values of the british manufacture. In its chapters it showcases the luxury and performance of its products in unconventional perspectives – 'Under the bonnet, no standards' said Mr. Büscher, CEO Marketing & Product. So I did. Filled with powerful, engaging, inspiring, and far away from conventional automotive photography and content.

It was an utmost honor and a unique experience to participate and work for almost 2,5 years for the Bentleys and especially on 'The Book' with the team of the royal fleet management of HM the Queen.

↓ CASE 15

Scholz & Friends 
A new platform for germany's highest-ranked creative agency.

CLIENT. Scholz & Friends Germany
ROLE. Freelance UI & UX- later Chief Creative digital
DATE. 2015-2016
RECOGNITION. 2x UX & RedDot Award


After 14+ years online, I was asked by Scholz & Friends to relaunch their global website. Now in 2016 the Friends also want to set a mark in online Communication & Design. Not only an Agency platform or a journalistic blog that nowadays reports and showcases their latest on PR & campaigning activities. Additionally, and now full responsive we made HR & Recruiting dept. a better living. Departments are now able to communicate through the platform and with their employees, clients, and potentially new talents around the globe.

A UX & a RedDot cherry sits on top of the almost ten months' efforts.

↓ CASE 2014

Hour Views – Travel through time with the 1st digital magazine of Geneva's unique watchmaker.

AGENCY. C3 (Kircher Burkhardt)
ROLE. Creative Director
DATE. 2013-2014


Hour Views Vacheron Constantin’s Journey through time of its unique craftsmanship and the 1st Issue digital magazine.
In-depth reports expose the unique qualities of the Geneva watchmaker's masterpieces. Watch connoisseurs will be delighted with the interactive elements and 3D animation that intricately explore at a touch the inner workings of a timepiece. The content covers everything from the history, tradition, and unique craftsmanship of watchmaking.


↓ CASE 33 | 2009

SIEMENS – 3D Showroom. Setting pace for a new era of show-casing home appliance products.

AGENCY. aperto AG
ROLE. Creative Director, Art Director
DATE. 2009-10


The Award winning true in original visualised 3D product showroom presents always the latest in SIEMENS energy efficency consumer home appliance products. The user can walkthrough the house and experience and compare all Siemens home products through the point & click game mechanism.

With the SIEMENS Energie efficent configurator the user can compare and valuate owned products with Siemens products along the the european energy efficent label Data values & regulations.

↓ CASE 12 | 2000

J&B – "El unico que es unico" campaign.

AGENCY. Y&R, Madrid
ROLE. Art Direction
DATE. 2001-2002

Creating five motifs for Justerini & Brooks "EL UNICO QUE ES UNICO" brand campaign. The Moment & Memory, Lady Moonlight, The Gargoyle and Timeless.

↓ CASE 01 | 2000

Dewar's – "White Label" campaign.

AGENCY. Y&R, Madrid
ROLE. Art Direction
DATE. 2000

Creating the campaing motif "Dali" for the Dewar's White Label brand campaign.


vanidad – egoiste publications. Redesign of the celebrated magazine.

AGENCY. VANIDAD egoiste publications. Madrid / Miami
ROLE. Lead Designer Re-Design & Art direction special fashion editorials
DATE. 1998 - 1999
RECOGNITION. LAUS for Best Magazine Design


I love challenges and as a Designer and aspiring Art Director this was one of my greatest so far. For two months token by the horns, pulling a design process upside down (including the Logo), I had the chance to work with Sir Fernando Guiterrez in person (founder and partner of Pentagram Agency, Art Director of Colors magazine) on the re-design of vanidad egoiste magazine in Fernandos Design studio Grafica in Barcelona.